The passes therapy is a transfusion of energies that alters the entire cellular field. Science teaches us that the atom is not the indivisible component of matter, but that prior to it are sub-atomic principles, and that prior to those principles is thought. In Nature, everything originates in the spirit. If we renew our thoughts, everything within us is modified. In magnetic healing, the sending and receiving of this spiritual assistance helps the patient to help him/herself. The enlivened mind is able to renew the microscopic organisms in the body and healing begins. The pass has a decisive influence in healing when received with respect and confidence/faith. 1

In other words, passes are the transference of spiritual fluids from a pass-giver and/or Spirit source to a patient. Spiritism divides passes into three types 2:

(1) Magnetic, in which the energy source is the pass-giver;
(2) Spiritual, in which the energy source is the Spirit; and
(3) Mixed, in which the source is both.

The benefits of passe therapy:

  • It offers the patient some relief from suffering, even though a cure might not necessarily be achieved.

  • It offers the pass-giver an opportunity to be charitable and to serve others.

  • It offers the spiritual workers a more effective means of helping those in need.

  • Passes are offered on Tuesdays. Look for Public Meetings.

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