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What is Spiritism?

The book is divided into three chapters. The first is composed of dialogues between Kardec and a critic, a skeptic and a priest, providing answers to those who do not understand the basic principles of Spiritism. It also presents appropriate refutations to its opponents. The second chapter presents practical and experimental aspects of the science and is a kind of summary of The Mediums’ Book. The third chapter is a short synthesis of The Spirits’ Book, with solutions to psychological, moral and philosophical problems according to the Spiritist Doctrine. In addition, the book is prefaced with an abridged version of Henri Sausse’s biography of Allan Kardec.

Author- Alan Kardec

$ 15.00

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Paul & Stephen

This book will show the reader the greatness of Paul of Tarsus, a courageous, daring and sincere man, who repented for his radical posture that culminated in the stoning of Christianity’s first martyr, Stephen, and who humbly undertook the accelerated revision of his ideas in answer to Jesus’ call.


Author- Francisco Candido Xavier by the spirit Emmanuel.

$ 20.00


Missionaries of the Light

In this volume, Andre Luiz unveils the secrets of reincarnation, revealing the task of missionary spirits in charge of the rebirth process.
The spirit author affirms that physical death is not the end. He also stresses the importance of self-effort in the struggle for self-improvement.
In twenty chapters, he talks about his continued learning experience in the spirit world, the perispirit as a living body that molds the material cells, reincarnation guided by high order spirits, and the different aspects of mediumistic manifestations.

Author- Francisco Candido Xavier by the spirit Andre Luiz

$ 15.00


Two Thousand years ago

Emmanuel narrates this personal experience with the richness of detail that characterizes all his books so that we can ponder the precious "moments" that we are offered throughout our lives; moments that are often wasted, thereby retarding our progress and evolution.


Author- Francisco Candido Xavier by the spirit Emmanuel.

$ 15.00


Action and Reaction

In this volume you will find a description of the lower regions of the spirit realm and the suffering to which the guilty conscience is subject after the death of the physical body.
Andre Luiz presents studies of real-life cases and offers guidance regarding paying one’s spiritual debts, the law of cause and effect, preparations for reincarnation, collective expiations, and the value of prayer.
The spirit author shows us that the possibilities of our current existence are connected to our actions in past existences, just as our actions of today will condition our possibilities in the future.


Author- Francisco Candido Xavier by the spirit Andre Luiz

$ 15.00


In the greater world

This book offers important explanations about life in the spirit world and the communication between spirits and human beings, especially during the sleep of the physical body. The spirit author explains the causes of mental disturbances, presenting their respective treatments. It also analyses the Spiritist view on abortion, epilepsy, schizophrenia and Down syndrome, among other themes. Andre Luiz highlights the immediate rescue by invisible workers of those who need help. These spirits help to prevent – as far as possible – madness, suicide and mental disasters.

Author- Francisco Candido Xavier by the spirit Andre Luiz

$ 15.00

Enlightening messages

Spiritual Messages, Prayers and Tales

Author- Francisco Candido Xavier 

$ 12.00


In realms of mediumship

In this book (original in Portuguese of Nos Domínios da Mediunidade), Andre Luiz analyzes the various aspects of mediumistic communication, praising the efforts of mediums who are faithful to the spiritual mandate they received before they reincarnated, and warning them about the risks of badly practiced exchanges between the two worlds.

It is a technical study of great relevance that reveals how spirits act in the intricate process of communicating with incarnates. It transmits concepts of highly evolved spirit mentors in expositions of scientific and evangelical content indispensable to those who have dedicated themselves to the study of the subject.

Author- Francisco Candido Xavier by the spirit Andre Luiz

$ 15.00