We will be offering Spiritual treatment every Wednesday by Facebook link https://www.facebook.com/spiritistcenterUSA/live/

Note that the procedures related to spiritual treatment at a distance have no relation to any practice of traditional medicine, referring exclusively to spiritual therapy in a divine sense. Therefore, we do not recommend interrupting any type of medical treatment.

We also want to highlight that physical and spiritual healing requires, on the part of the individual, commitment to his own intimate reform, as well as need and merit.
Spirits help us according to the will of God.


  • We ask that on Wednesday at 7:00 pm the person who will attend the Lecture and receive the spiritual pass,  stay in a quiet place within the environment of their home.

  • Leave a glass of water by your side during treatment. This water should be drunk, in small portions, three times a day, the next day.

  • Avoid consuming red meat, cigarettes and alcohol.

  • Don't worry about feeling the presence of spiritual friends, give your heart to Jesus.

  • It is natural to feel some different sensations such as drowsiness, dizziness, tiredness ... If this happens, put yourself in prayer, remain calm and confident in Spirituality. Do not fear, we will be supported by Spiritual friends.

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